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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Teaser and Date Change for Undone by R.E. Hunter

It's HUMP DAY and I am giving you some good news...and some not so good news, well, it's not bad, we just have to wait a little longer for this gem. R.E. Hunter is teasing us today with her "photo announcement".  Check it out!

unedited and subject to change

“You want to stay away from me, Embry? It’s not impossible,” he said as he dropped his hands from her face and slowly dragged them down her body. “Tell me to stop.” He held her eyes, snaking his thumbs beneath the hem of her shirt and lightly grazing her bare skin. “Tell me you can’t work with me.” He gripped her hips, pulling her toward him as he leaned in, nuzzling her neck. “Tell me not to touch you.”
She broke out in chills as his lips made contact. Kissing his way up the delicate column of her throat, he flicked his eyes to hers once more, before gently ghosting his lips against hers. “Tell me not to kiss you.”
She was rendered speechless as he ran his hands back up her body, tangling them in her hair and bringing his mouth back to hers. She was putty in his hands, her body responding without another thought.
“I can’t tell you to stop, Luke,” she whispered against his lips. “I don’t want you to.”

So because R.E. is amazing (or maybe she's just buttering us up, who cares!!) she is doing a giveaway for a FREE ARC of Undone! WHAT?!!!! GO SIGN UP NOW!

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