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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Blog Tour Review: Good Sensations by SL Scott


Evan Ashford is sex personified. He makes me feel things I never have and crave things I’m not sure I should. Time doesn’t exist when we’re together—all of our worries becoming obsolete. Our tongues touch, and as if by memory, they move in harmony, feeling at peace, feeling at home.

Despite his mother’s best efforts to drive us apart and the miles that separate us, I’m ready—ready to claim what’s mine.

In an instant, his lips are pressed firmly against mine, consuming my words as if hearing them isn’t enough. Desire turns to need as he tastes and savors every syllable ever spoken from my heart to his.

Mallory Wray caught my attention and stole my heart. The emerald of her eyes draws me in, and it’s so easy to see why I fell in love with her. I run my hand over her cheek and into her hair, admiring everything I’ve missed so much. That familiar intensity that formed our bond back in Hawaii exists again. It’s comforting, engulfing, making my chest ache in the most painfully acute way. My heart feels grounded in her. This is right, this is us, I can finally breathe again.

Her hand settles on my cheek and a soft smile appears. “My sweet surfer. What a change a month makes.”

“It’s not the month that changed me. It’s the girl.” I turn and kiss her palm. “You make me want more than I feel I deserve.”

“You deserve everything your heart desires.”

“My heart only desires you.”

“Then I’m yours. All yours. Always.”

Life has taken these two young lovers in different directions. Can their love bring them back together? Will they be able to find their paradise once again?

Sweet review:

Good Sensations is the third book in the Welcome to Paradise series and is the perfect ending to Evan and Mallory's story. I fell in love with this series from the very beginning. These are not stand alone books, so Good Vibrations and Good Intentions should be read before you read Good Sensations. S.L. Scott has a quality in her writing that develops her characters so well that you are immediately attached. You become vested in these characters and you feel what they feel.

Evan and Mallory are one of my favorite couples. Knowing this was the last book in the series, it was a bittersweet moment. Through life’s obstacles and all the bumps, it never hinders their happily-ever-after. Distance may keep them apart, but their love really does shine through.

Good Sensations is a story of the truest love, a fresh love. It is heart-warming and even a little steamy. If you love a REALLY good HEA Romance, the Welcome to Paradise series is for you.

Here is a little taste of what I'm talkin about:

           She stops, and with a telling grin says, “You know, despite what you may think, I’m actually not an easy lay.”

I can’t stop the laugh. Trust me, I try. “Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone how fast you jumped my bones.”

“Jumped your bones? I did not jump your bones. You have clearly forgotten how the events of our first date went down.”

“Well,” I say, rubbing my chin. “It wasn’t really a date from what I recall and you still ended up in my bed… under me one time…” I close my eyes remembering how fucking sexy she was that day. “… on top of me another. Oh, and I can’t forget how hot your ass looked from behind. I clearly remember three different times.”

“I thought it was two.”

“I didn’t include the pool action, so definitely three… at least, and I wore you out, Miss I’m-Not-An-Easy-La—Ouch!” I rub my arm where she knuckles me, then laugh. “You’re feisty, Miss Wray.”

“It’s one of the reasons you fell in love with me.”
“It’s one of the many reasons I fell in love with you. Your easy ways were another.”
She jerks me to a stop in the middle of the lobby. “Oh my God, Evan, you make me sound like a whore.”
Wrapping my arms around her neck, I pull her close, and whisper, “Do you regret being with me that first day?”
“No, none of it.”
“You’re not a whore.” I kiss her on the nose. “You’re not easy. We both knew there was something more between us, something different. We did what we wanted and what felt right, and it doesn’t matter now anyway. Here we are thousands of miles away from where we started—”
“Starting a new life.”
“Our new beginning starts today.”
With a heavy sigh, she says, “Oh no.” Her smile falls away. “I let you have sex with me right when we first met. I am a total whore.”
“Only for me, baby.”
She rolls her eyes. “You’ve turned me into a very bad girl, Mr. Ashford.”
“I like bad girls. Now c’mon and let’s do all this romantic stuff so I can take you home and fuck you properly.”
Laughing, she rolls her eyes again. “You’re terrible.”
“You love it.”
“I love you, so yeah, I guess I do love it.”

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